We are one of the few distilleries in the world that produce vodka from grapes. Using grapes gives our vodka a distinct taste and we went through several conditional and technological adjustments to make that taste very pleasant.

Whether it is fermentation temperature or yeast variety, water clearing or mixing components, distillation technique or filtering method - you can trust our selection because, as mentioned before, we are engineers and IT people that decided to become winemakers and distillers.

In September of 2021 we have started brandy production; however, good brandy should be aged in barrels for at least two years, so we have nothing to report yet. But we are pretty optimistic based on preliminary results - stay in touch for exciting news in the future!

And while our grape-based vodka and brandy are still in development, in 2022 we are planning to release organic and gluten free vodka called FLORENA with the incredibly smooth taste!