In September of 2021 we have started our first brandy production; however, good brandy should be aged in barrels for at least two years, so we have nothing to report yet. But we are pretty optimistic based on preliminary results - stay in touch for exciting news in the future!

While our brandy is still aging in barrels, in the fall of 2022 we have released organic vodka called FLORENA with the incredibly smooth taste!

Not only FLORENA is one of the few organic vodka in the world, it is also gluten free and non-GMO. It is made from American-grown organic yellow corn, distilled 6 times and filtered using coconut shell granular activated carbon charcoal.

FLORENA @ steakhouse Lab
Washington, PA
FLORENA @ Olive or Twist
Downtown Pittsburgh
FLORENA @ Bridges & Burbon
Downtown Pittsburgh

Try our recipe of cucumber mint martini:

   - 2 oz of FLORENA organic vodka
   - 1.5 oz of cucumber mint simple syrup
   - 0.5 oz of Green Chartreuse
   - 0.5 oz of Lime Juice
   - 3 drops of Mint Bitters