News: March 2023.. Our organic vodka FLORENA has been awarded 90 points (Excellent, Highly Recommended) by the prestigious magazine Wine Enthusiast!

About: This vodka has been bottled by Armen's Barrels LLC at the prime production facility at 10 McCoy Lane, Washington PA 15301.

Specifics: Organic vodka. Gluten free. Non-GMO. Made from American-grown organic yellow corn. Distilled 6 times. Filtered once using coconut shell granular activated carbon charcoal. Alcohol is 40% by volume (80 proof). Bottle is 750 ml.

Comments: It is a combination of cleanest rectified spirit and purest water that makes great vodka. We use UV Reverse Osmosis water filtration system to achieve the cleanest water. And 6-times distillation plus carbon charcoal filtration system ensures the smoothest ethanol possible.

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