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General: This bottle of Blackberry Sangria has been produced by Armen's Barrels LLC at the prime production facility at 10 McCoy Lane, Washington PA 15301.

Specifics: Barrel-aged dry red Concord wine with natural blackberry flavor and other natural flavors. Concord grape was harvested in Pennsylvania, USA. Processes include alcoholic fermentation, heat stabilization, barrel-based malolactic fermentation, aging in neutral American oak barrels, filtering. Bordeaux bottle, natural cork and patented-design capsule.

Technical: Alcohol is 11.1% by volume. Acidity (pH) is 3.24. Bottling start date is spring of 2022. Initial year overall production quantity is over 2000 cases (12 bottles in the case, 750ml each).

Facts: Sangria is a Spanish drink of red or white wine mixed with lemonade, fruit, and spices.

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